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NPC - Rage Across the Cape

Currently the Master of Challenge and a Gaurdian of the Sept of Vigilant Light. She is mainly responsible for patrolling the shores of the Bawn ensuring the safety of the Sept. She is in the White Warder pack who follows White Water as their Totem.

In Homid, Sophie appears to be in her mid 30's. Rage utterly boils in her but she keeps it tightly in check, keeping her head down and her mouth shut. She has a darkly tanned complexion, dark eyes, and straw blonde hair that is roughly cut just at the shoulder. This happened recently, as she once had a braid that reached down to her hips. She is always wearing loose clothing, heavy khaki cargos and flannels to hide the scars that the old girl has taken in her years. She never smiles.

In Crinos she's a strange shaggy cream color. She also weilds a large two handed sword with a wickedly serrated blade. This weapon is not a Fetish.

In Lupus she is the same color, with the same dark brown almost black eyes. She always smells faintly of saltwater.

Sophie keeps to herself mostly, and runs patrols out on the water where nobody else can go. She's an expert at sailing, and can easily read the stars to tell which way one is going. She always prefers to be alone, even over the company of her Pack.

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