Rage is a mystical wellspring of primal anger granted to the Garou by Luna. It allows them to move at great speed, shrug off mighty wounds, and change forms quickly. It can also power some Gifts.

Because it was a gift from Luna, creatures with Rage are susceptable to silver. Fera that do not have Rage (such as the Nuwisha) are immune to silver. Some of the Fera are instead suceptable to gold because they are devoted to Helios.

Mechanically, Rage is rated from one to ten and comes in permanent and temporary forms. Temporary Rage can be spent to gain extra actions or change forms. Temporary can be regained through strong emotions related to violence (such as physical danger) or by catching sight of the moon. It can go higher than the permanent rating only in rare circumstances.

Permanent Rage is rolled to try to regenerate wounds that would kill the Garou or to determine if she enters Frenzy. Permanent Rage is often rolled to power Gifts. Permanent Rage is increased through spending experience points. Very few things will decrease permanent rage. The primary way permament Rage is lost is through ageing.

If a Garou is out of both temporary Rage and temporary willpower, he loses the wolf. He returns to his breed form and cannot change shapes until he regains at least one point of each. He cannot regain Rage while he is out of Willpower. If he loses his last dot of permanent Rage, he will lose the wolf permanently.

The starting Rage of a Garou is determined by his auspice. Ragabash start with the least Rage, while Ahroun starts with the most. Other Fera assign starting Rage based on other criteria.

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