Adren Black Furies Homid Ahroun


NPC - Rage Across the Cape

Currently the Warder of the Sept of Vigilant Light. She is the Alpha of the White Warder Pack who follow White Water. She is the higest ranking Ahroun of the Sept of Vigilant Light. She has in the past been the Gatekeeper and the War Leader of the Sept of Vigilant Light.

In Homid Edina is about 5'5 and squarely built. She has Fury pure breed x3 and it shows in her olive skin, dark hair and blue eyes. She's always wearing extremely pratical clothing, loose jeans, tank tops and boots. She's criss-crossed with scars, claw marks raking across her chest and a thick white band around her left arm where it had once been severed. When on patrols she carries a sawed-off shotgun and a large bronze labrys.

In Crinos she's fairly large and robust in this form, her fur is a shaggy black with a large white mark on her chest and throat. She still carries her labrys in this form.

In Lupus her markings are the same, as well as being broad-chested and low to the ground.

Edina is actually an agreeable person when her authority is not being questioned. Having much more a sense of humor then someone would have given an Ahroun of her Tribe, she's been known to make friends with various Garou of all different tribes. When it comes to her job, the protection of her Caern is paramount. She would rather destroy first and ask questions later when it comes to things she dosn't understand potentially threatening her Caern.

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