Auspice is the term for the phase of the moon under which a Garou was born, in the Werewolf: The Apocalypse game.

The Auspice defines the character starting Rage, which Gifts he we'll be able to learn and his role in Garou society. There are five Auspices, as follow:

Ragabash: The Garou borned under the New Moon. His role is the Trickster and Questioner of the Old-Ways.

Theurge: When there is only a small portion of the moon visible, the Garou is a Theurge. He is the Shaman, more in contact with the spiritual world, the Umbra and the spirits.

Philodox: The Half-Moon are Judges and Mediators in Garou society. They usually are the leaders in time of peace.

Galliard: The ones who are born when the moon is Gibbous are the so-called Bards and Keepers of ancient Lore, whow know of all the ancient legends and songs.

Ahroun: The Full Moon represents the war aspect of Luna (the Moon) and these Garou are the most fierce Warriors. They usually step into leadership during war-time.

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